Business Valuation

What is the Business Worth?

An objective, independent, and experienced estimate of business worth can be the difference been financial success or ruin. Valuation is used when buying and selling a business but is also integral with mergers, owner buyouts, stock offerings, bankruptcy, investor financing, company disputes, and company spin-offs.
Business valuation can also be needed for divorce, litigation, probate, and legal proceedings. And the business worth is integral in gifting and estate planning for owner succession.

Establish a Valuation When Buying a Business

Having an accurate estimate of what an opportunity is worth can be the difference between getting a great deal or a losing your shirt. It may be easy to get caught up in the emotional and enthusiastic sales pitch from current owners, so you need solid, impartial, analytical, and experience based estimate of worth.

Know what you’re getting into and what liabilities are hidden from the marketing projections and sales forecast. A company may have great future potential but also have bigger liabilities that make for more risk than you want to take or lower return on investment than you target.

Valuation When You Sell a Business

Expedite the sales process by having a professional, 3rd party valuation in hand. Timing can be the key to inking a deal so you can help accelerate a business sale with a current, comprehensive, prepared valuation. We can provide all the proper documentation and references so that a potential buyer can audit and confirm assumptions.

Sometimes buying and selling parties are far apart in their views of the fair price of a business. If you are selling and want another professional opinion on the worth of your business, we can help.

How We Determine the Worth of Your Business

We consider the financial obligations, liabilities, current and potential penalties, receivables, promises, and forecasts as well as operational metrics of efficiency and our opinion of future potentials. Broad business experience and success as entrepreneurs gives us an advantage in developing a fair view of worth.