Manage Cash Flow to Keep the Lights While You Grow

Every veteran business owner and finance controller has experienced the pressures of managing cash flow.  You need to pay your people, taxes and governing agencies, utilities, vendors, and services.  Your work could grind to a halt if your internet access or electricity is turned off.  What about if your suppliers hold shipment due to overdue payment?  What should you do when you need to spend money to fulfill orders or reach new customers…but the cash just isn’t there?

Thompson CPA can help you by monitoring spending, forecasting expenses, receipts, and maintaining cash flow projections.  Our reporting sheds light on potential tight periods in advanced.  We can help you to develop better collection schedules and processes to turn your accounts receivable into available cash.  And we can advise your firm on whether to lease, buy, or exchange, whether to renegotiate terms of existing contracts, or whether to raise capital or seek bridge loans or inventory financing.

Make sure you are prepared, alert, and move in the right direction when things get tight.  Call us to discuss your needs today.