CFO, Board Director & Advisory Services

Advisory Services & Part Time CFO’s & Directors

Need for Experienced Advisors with Limited Resources

One of the most valuable things in business is experience and discernment.  The ability to anticipate issues and opportunities can keep you out of trouble and positioned to take advantage of a situation before competitors do.  Your business can benefit from sage advice and professional, experienced decision making.

But when you are just starting out or when your resources are tight, you may not be able to afford full time staff and directors for positions like Chief Financial Officer, Finance Controller, or a Board of Directors.  We know the need and the constraints.  Thompson CPA can support these roles on a part time basis – without the burden of full budget or equity ownership positions.

Chief Financial Officer & Controller

When you engage Kevin Thompson as a part time CFO or Finance Controller you get the assurance that a seasoned, successful finance person is actively providing the reporting and analysis and guidance to keep you on track to expand in a sustainable way.

Responsibilities can include: financial forecasting, budgeting, cost modeling for product and service pricing, market analysis, cash flow management, procedure / process development, hiring of staff or 3rd party services, warranty analysis and reserve modeling, training of bookkeepers or accounting team, investor relations & fund raising representation, M&A – merger and acquisition analysis, lease vs. buy decisions, capital investment decisions, and tax reporting & planning.

Board Director & Advisor

Kevin Thompson is uniquely qualified to serve as a Director or Advisor as he combines 3 decades of experience supporting a wide range of businesses, he is a successful serial entrepreneur himself, he has a deep network of industry resources to tap, and he is a seasoned athletic coach.  Your business can have a powerful, positive advisor who is an energetic team player but not afraid of opposing the majority when experience or facts cause him to bring a different view point.

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