Internal Business Controls

Does your organization have the appropriate controls and guidelines to ensure that your staff handles finances, data, and resource in appropriate ways?

Are you protected from theft by your own employees?

Does your group work in an efficient and effective way?

Are you leaving potential profits on the table or taking big risks that you don’t need to?

Consulting in Business Rules & Internal Controls

We can outline and recommend appropriate processes, checks and balances, and controls including:

  • handling of cash, checks, and credit card transactions
  • document review checks and approval processes
  • authorization / approval process for expenditures
  • separate authorities and duties to reduce the risk of errors and crimes
  • reconcile activities quickly and provide corrective action for errors and escapes
  • create business rules that support your cash flow and financial strategic planning / capital plans
  • align operational goals and targets with processes and how actual work done
  • advise on financial compliance obligations your staff ha