Investor Relations & Business Financing

Business success requires times of growth and expansion. Startups need investment to even get the ball rolling. And seasoned companies often need to invest in equipment, facilities, inventory, training, or simply bridge work done today and revenue in the future. Kevin Thompson, CPA is a business owner and entrepreneur himself and has also worked for multinational corporations and many company sizes in between.

Do you need a loan to expand your business?

Business lenders need trusted financial and operations data so that they can perform the due diligence and meeting loan application rules. We can audit your financial records and prepare the documents needed in order to get the funds you need to expand.

Need Inventory Financing?

Sometimes you just need cash to pay for acquiring or assembling the goods needed to meet your existing customer demand. The cash flow cycle can be long for some industries and the delay in getting paid can hold a company back from expanding and selling more. We can help you in the process of preparing the requests for cash and can help in finding a lender.

Are you seeking an Angel Investor or Seeking Startup Capital?

We know the challenges that start-up companies face and what investors need to know to evaluate risk and future returns. We can help you to prepare the business plan and strategic forecasts that look forward as well. And we can review, compile, and give confidence to reports of your company’s current state of financial health.

Purchasing or Selling a Business?

We can help you by assessing the health of the business and develop a fair valuation for the worth and potential of the business. We can also help to highlight the liabilities that may be lurking buried in financial statements or improper past accounting practices.