Payroll Services

Payroll Processing & Reporting for Greater Los Angeles

Regular company payroll preparation, processing and reporting is a burden that diverts you from your core business and can be costly in terms of out-of-pocket cost, time spent, and penalties for mistakes.  Many small businesses easily spend 5-10 hours per month just processing payroll.  And if tax payments and reports are not properly submitted your business can face stiff penalties.

Efficient, Affordable, and Accurate

Thompson CPA provides reliable, accurate and cost effective payroll processing.  We can convert hours logged into paychecks, tax payments, and reports.

Save Time, Save Money

Focus on your day-to-day business without the distraction of processing payroll.  We are experienced and efficient and know the relevant state, federal and local rules so that you stay out of trouble with authorities.  We also can highlight where overtime or other expenses may be hurting you.

Accurate Payroll

We keep you in compliance with laws and help ensure that everyone gets the payments they’ve earned.  You don’t want resentful or disgruntled staff due to incorrect or late paychecks or vacation, sick, or workers’ comp data.

What You Get

  • Payroll checks printed and delivered per your schedule.
    • Professional checks printed on check stock that meets the Federal Reserve guidelines for security and encoding standards.
  • EFTPS Tax Deposits
  • Direct Deposit service
  • IRS and State tax reporting
  • W-2, W-3 and 1099 forms
  • Creation of the required new hire staff reports
  • Detailed Personnel reporting including vacation, sick days, and personal days accruals
  • Detailed Reports for Monthly, Quarterly, and Annual payroll tax history

Payroll Services to Match Your Needs

Online Services

Record your data directly and immediately securely online.  This provides for faster processing to benefit you and your employees.

Manual Record Services

We’ll take your physical records, logs, and reports and process them in our system to create the paychecks, payments, and reports required.

Custom Payroll Services

We can tailor a program to fit the exact needs of your business with a cost effective payroll service that you can trust.