Strategic Planning

Know Where You Want to Go

Setting out on a road trip without any destination in mind can be adventurous. But you may never really enjoy the trip.  You may spend your time moving in circles and run out of gas, food, and money before reaching a destination that you enjoy.  The trip can be ever so much more enjoyable if you decide where you want to arrive before you go.

And if you’re on a journey with others, it’s easier to get everyone on board and happy if everyone knows the destination too.

Have a Strategy

strat·e·gy /ˈstradəjē/ noun noun: strategy; plural noun: strategies
“a plan of action or policy designed to achieve a major or overall aim.”

Once you know where you’d like to end up, you can prepare.  Have enough resources.  Bring a guide and get advice on the route, costs and places to stay.  Pack the things you may need for the weather and unexpected things you’ll encounter.

Develop a Strategy Plan

Thompson CPA can help you to create, analyze, and update a Strategic Plan so that you and your group know where everyone is headed and prepare for success by identifying the resources needed to get there.

A sound strategic plan can include:

  • alignment with company Mission & purpose
  • definition of Custom Value for products and services you want to offer
  • customer target demographic / or profile
  • SWOT analysis
  • competitor benchmarking of costs, pricing, and terms
  • supplier analysis for costs, terms, partnership potentials, and risks
  • market potential analysis
  • financial modeling
  • cash flow analysis
  • capital requirements and alternative lease, purchase and share options


Know where you’re going and have a plan for getting there safely, and successfully.  Call us to talk about your business and where you’d like to go.