Imagine this. If you put $100K away for 150 years, at 8% your grandchildren or your great grandchildren would be worth a BILLION dollars.

The new Biden tax law seeks to limit infinity trusts, but you don’t need infinity. And if you can afford that single lump sum, you can leave a valuable legacy for your progeny.

Wouldn’t it have been nice if one of your ancestors had invested $2,500 to benefit future generations of your family? If it had been strategically invested the compounding returns on that investment would have been worth $1.4 BILLION today.

Unless you have access to a time machine you can’t go back to change the past but if an investment of $100k is doable for you, you could make a huge difference in your family’s future. Why not create a trust or even a smart contract to make something like that happen?

Even $50,000 invested wisely with a 10% return would be worth $73 BILLION in 150 years.

Think about it. If you plan wisely, you could decide how that money would be spent and allocated to make a difference in the world for the future.

Would you like that money to go to a charitable cause instead? Leave legally binding instructions to have that wealth liquidated at a certain point and then donated to the charity of your choice.

Your wealth doesn’t have to end with you after you die. It’s something to think about.