Financial Planning

Your Personal Financial Strategy

We Listen to Your Financial Needs

At Thompson CPA, we have a strategic alliance with Hearthstone Wealth Management. Our team will sit down with you and discuss your financial goals. We’ll listen to your concerns, gather information about your financial picture, and assess your strengths and weaknesses before we make any recommendations. Since we also act as your tax advisor, we are uniquely qualified to work with you to prioritize your goals and develop the optimal strategies to achieve them. We’ll help you avoid risk through insurance planning and employment benefit coordination. We’ll assist you with your short-term needs such as cash flow management and tax planning.We’ll show you the simple steps to make your small business successful. If you rely on multiple investment advisors or accounts, we’ll assist you with consolidating various reports into one easily readable format with our Portfolio Management Services. As you’ll soon discover, we’ll simplify your accounting procedures, so you will always know where you stand with your money.

Benefits of Successful Financial Planning & Portfolio Management

Give Your Children or Grandchildren a College Education
Provide the higher education path for your children or grandchildren so they have the greatest opportunities in their future. And avoid the need to burden them with massive student loans after school.

Retire with Security and Comfort
Plan for the lifestyle you want and also for other major potential expenses as well as for late stage life care.  We outline your goals and retirement needs and study your income streams, asset and liabilities. We recommend plans for managing risk, while meeting or exceeding your retirement needs.

Create a Legacy for your Family & Causes
We develop a complete strategy for maximizing the value that you can leave for your descendants and for the community causes that you value most.  Through comprehensive Estate Planning and Family Trust services we help to keep your hard earned money in the hands of your loved ones.  And we provide for contributions to projects, organizations or causes that you define.

Provide for Your Family In Case of Accident
Allow you and your loved ones to continue to on in case you are disabled.  And allow them to be financially stable after you pass.  Planning for accidents includes having resources for health and medical care, mortgage payments, living expenses, tuition, and living expenses.  A comprehensive review of your insurance coverage, will and trusts, and powers of attorney help ensure that everything is covered.

Keeping Your Financial Plans Current

Then as your financial planning needs change over time due to changes in tax laws, interest rates, market conditions, or life’s circumstances, we’ll adapt or change your arrangements appropriately. Together, we’ll periodically review your plan to ensure that you remain on target to meet your goals.