Retirement Planning

Be Prepared to Enjoy Financial Security

Comprehensive planning, investment and arrangement of financial income streams and strategies can allow you to enjoy your golden years in comfort, freedom and peace of mind.

Will your retirement pension support you for the rest of your life?

Will Social Security be available?

Can you afford healthcare as you age?

Do you want to retire and live abroad?

There are many considerations when deciding how to invest and structure personal wealth holdings including current and future taxes, inflation, investment risk, and future costs for healthcare, personal enjoyment, and daily living expenses.   Thompson CPA is experienced in designing wealth portfolio strategies and estate planning.  We know the implications of different plan structures including IRA, 401(k), Living Trust, deferred payouts, pension plans, stocks, bonds, real estate, reverse mortgages, and international asset holdings.

Many choices need to be made long before retirement begins in order to benefit.

Have  a Plan & Work Towards the Financial Goals

Thompson CPA can create a plan with you that is tailored to your specific needs and your personal desires.   Call us today to discuss how we can help and how to get started so you can prepare a life of freedom, security, and enjoyment in your golden years.