Because of the government shutdown on October 1, 2013, the IRS will only be maintaining basic functions such as return processing.  All tax filing deadlines remain the same and must be turned in on time.


Operations that will be shut down include:


  • Refunds
  • All audits and examinations
  • Operation of taxpayer services and centers such as responding to taxpayer inquiries
  • Operation of the Practitioner Priority Service
  • Processing of paper returns that do not require payment


Taxpayer and practitioner hotlines have been closed which will be difficult for those who need to file 1040 forms by Oct 15th and need their questions answered.  Processing of electronic returns, building security, certain computer operations, criminal law enforcement and protection of bankruptcy, lien and seizure cases will remain open.


“This presents many obstacles for taxpayers as we proceed to the 10/15 deadline” says Kevin Thompson, CPA. “At any time we are mired in several audits and handling correspondence discrepancies. Without human intervention, we will have challenges with the IRS collection machinery.”


The government will continue to mail out social security checks and the US Postal Service will stay open.


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