Business Financial Services

We provide many of the services that small, medium sized, and personal businesses need to be solvent, accurate, and on most profitable.

Find the right accounting, money management, advising, or processing services for your business needs below.

Thompson CPA offers experienced, reliable and timely services for recording, assigning, accounting, tracking, reporting, and auditing financial transactions and cash and payment.  Services include



Payroll Service

Independent Audits, Reviews, and Compilations

Professional business services just for the Arts & Entertainment Industry.

Management including part-time management and advising, establishing business controls, design of systems, and active management of finances.

CFO & Advisor Services

Internal business controls

Cash Management

We are very experienced in establishment of new for profit and non-profit organizations. We can help you to select the best path type of legal entity and set up the structure and submit the necessary paperwork and payments to the right government groups at the right time.  Services include

Incorporation and new entity advising – including C-corp, S-corp, LLC, Partnerships, sole proprietorships, and collectives.

Non-profit organization specific formation

Exit Strategy Planning – planning for the life of the business to help you select the best entity type and ownership structure

Planning ahead is crucial in business when so many resources are at stake.  We help you to define where your business should be headed and how to get there.  Services include

Business Valuation

Strategic Planning

Exit Strategy Planning

Succession Planning

Thompson CPA can help your business raise the finances needed to begin your business or take it to the next level.

Investor relations & financing